Us as a Mirror .


Us as a Mirror .

I found recently something that is so important to think of. The way people act arround us reflects how we feel about ourself. So before being oppset with the way somebody is acting with you, try to think about yourself.
One of the most important value is to love yourself and only doing that you can love others and you can be happy.





Some days ago I find this picture, so I find myself thinking of one particulary period of my life when I was happy, when things got bad in my life I tend to think of that time…So after reading those words I find that the past wasn`t as happy and peacefull as I rememberd so I enjoy my present now.

Give your problems a brake !


When the winter is gone and the Sun is shining I feel more alive than ever! I’m like a little bug that came back to live from the hard cold winter.
Now more then ever I feel the sun and happiness that come with it. So I call my friends and go for coffees everyday !

I start enjoying my life even my real problems are still there. But i just gave them a brake !

The way

The way he looks at me…the way he doesn’t know how to talk to me…the way he smiles when he sees me…the way he wants me…the way he needs to feel me…the way he try to hide his feelings…the way he wants not to fell…the way he ignores me…the way he feels…

Why does he suffer this way…it must be paint full, is for me as well…but still I have my life ahead…he doesn’t…everything he hoped, he dreamed is gone…just like sand…go by the wind. 

I feel his pain. I feel it, I know is there. Why do I feel this? What entitle me to fell? Are we the same soul?